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Hanwei Side Sword Buy

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The Renaissance Side Sword by Hanwei wass both affordable, quite historically accurate and surprisingly for Hanwei - who are often a bit hit or miss in the sharpening department for their line of European swords - quite a nice little cutter to boot.In this review, we take a closer look at this particular sword to see how it looks, handles and performs - and discover that even for people who are not generally fans of Renaissance weaponry, this sword wins hearts and minds wherever it goes...

First of all, this is not my personal weapon. As a few of you know, I am not a big rapier / cut-and-thrust fan. For me personally, the rapier entered a little late in the game for my personal liking, outside the early realm of knights and chivalry and into the late era of puffy shirts and pirates.After a few months of deliberation, my best friend selected the Paul Chen / Hanwei side sword for his girlfriend's high school graduation present. Since I am a part-time distributor for Paul Chen, I was able to get it to him for about half the retail cost. I asked him if he would mind me reviewing it for SBG before he picked it for.

My understanding is that this side sword was a civilian development in the early 1600s as the sword left predominant military usage and became a civilian status symbol and means of personal protection. Later, this type of sword would have evolved into or alongside the different rapier styles. I have seen the side sword referred to as the 'Gentleman's Sword', and it is not difficult to imagine a sword like this used in duels or beating off brigands across 16th and 17th century Europe.Initial ImpressionsThe sword arrived from my distributor well packaged and without damage. It was contained inside of a padded re-mailer box and re-wrapped in plastic and bubble wrap. I paid wholesale cost, but I believe this sword retails for around $249.Taking the sword from its container, my first impression was of just how light it was...Statistics

The satin-finished blade is 30" long with a steep taper ending in a formidable tip. There is a 1/3 length fuller present. The finish inside of the fuller is polished to a mirror gloss. The first half of the blade is unsharpened and the edge tapers towards itself. Slightly past the fuller's end, the blade becomes razor sharp. There is no obvious bevel present which I found surprising.The blade is well-tempered with a lot of spring in it. This is true to form for this type of sword and does not interfere with functionality. The blade also has a nice ringing quality which I found very attractive.There are no hammer flaws on the blade or inconsistencies. It's almost too perfect!