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Incentives For Middle School

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Incentives for middle school are vital for your classroom! In the early months of my first year of teaching, class periods competed for points that were awarded based on seamless transitions, highest test averages, and being on task. While my students were working on earning points, I had learned that the cupcake reward was not feasible due to a school policy. *Cue palm to forehead*

We asked our Maneuvering the Middle VIPs Facebook group about incentives their students love and the most popular response were these vinyl water bottle stickers. Students love to stick them to their notebooks and water bottles.

I teach 6th grade science in a middle school setting and use Class Dojo. Each class period has a separate avatar and can earn a maximum of 4 points a day for various character traits. At the end of the 3 weeks I declare a winning class.

PBIS can have a profound impact on school culture when there is schoolwide buy in from the administrators, teachers, and students. Your PBIS program can be just the tool to get everyone talking the same language.

A schoolwide PBIS celebration. Group student to match the number of rooms you have and have them work together to solve puzzles to find the next clue. Find all the clues in within the time limit to save the day.

Students may bring in a flashlight from home or borrow from school. Lights are off in the classroom. Students use the flashlight for a period or throughout the day. We used them during reading, writing, math, and science. The teacher may also use a flashlight for lessons too!