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Sangati By Bama: A Novel of Dalit Women's Experiences

Sangati is a novel by Bama, a Tamil Dalit feminist writer and teacher, who rose to fame with her autobiographical novel Karukku (1992). Sangati, which means events, is a sequel to Karukku and a collection of life narratives of Dalit women from different generations. The novel was first published in Tamil in 1994 and later translated into English by Lakshmi Holmstrom in 2005. The novel is available for free download and online reading at Internet Archive.

Sangati By Bama Pdf Free

The novel flouts the conventional notions of what a novel should be and has no plot or linear structure. Instead, it relates the mindscape of a Dalit woman who steps out of her small town community, only to enter a caste-ridden and hierarchical society, which constantly questions her caste status. The novel is narrated by a young Dalit woman, who looks back at her past and shares the stories of her grandmother, mother, aunt, sister, friends and other women from her Paraiyar community, a Dalit Tamilian caste. The stories reveal the joys and sorrows, the oppression and resistance, the hope and despair, the love and anger of Dalit women in Tamil Nadu.

The novel also offers a fresh understanding of caste-based patriarchal society from Dalit women's perspectives, which unravels new considerations for Dalit women's identity and agency. The novel shows how Dalit women face double discrimination as women and as Dalits, both outside and inside their community. They are exploited, harassed, humiliated and abused by upper caste men and women as well as by their own men. They are denied basic rights such as education,