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When we speak with parks professionals or campus recreation departments, they ask us, what can I do to encourage adults to be more active outdoors" When looking for that answer, they often focus on walking paths and open green spaces, rather than outdoor exercise equipment or outdoor workout areas.

GameTime provides outdoor fitness equipment to help communities be more active and combat the health risks associated with overweight and obesity. Using a comprehensive portfolio of outdoor fitness products, we apply best practice research to create a complete solution. Eligible projects qualify for usage analysis to help you determine the effectiveness of your space with real data.

Every community is unique, and your outdoor fitness solution should be, too. Our outdoor fitness experts will meet with you to better understand your needs, budget, and available space. From the first meeting to the grand opening, you'll have experienced and local support every step of the way!

GameTime offers a comprehensive portfolio of outdoor fitness equipment. Our design experts will help you select the right combination to design a fitness space that meets your needs. With local certified installers, you can be assured your outdoor fitness equipment will be built to our specifications and your expectations.

Outdoor fitness spaces that meet the requirements for National Demonstration Site status are part of a nationwide data framework. As your park is utilized, we compile the usage data into useful reports that show the positive impact you're making on the community.

THRIVE outdoor fitness systems accommodate multiple users at once with up to 20 fitness stations in as little as 250 square feet. Its compact size makes it easy to create an outdoor gym for people of all fitness levels.