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Buy Gold Europe


Buy Gold Europe

CelticGold specialises in a wide range of the purest investment grade gold and silver products. We offer real time pricing with 1 minute price updates running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Shop orders can be placed for up to 40,000 Euros with a minimum order of 100 Euros for gold and silver products.

CelticGold provides both buying and selling of all displayed gold and silver coins. Purchase orders can be placed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We always guarantee the best price through one minute gold and silver price updates. We guarantee your buy price for 72 hours at the time we confirm your order.

Silver, unlike gold, is subject to VAT and for collector's coins the so-called margin scheme applies. For margin scheme sold products there is no VAT displayed in the final price but the seller pays an importation tax and standard VAT rate on the margin. This explains the higher prices compared to bonded warehouses where products are NOT in free circulation. Buying silver coins under the margin scheme offers the lowest rates in all of Europe as Germany has the lowest importation tax on silver coins.

Gold bars, also called gold bullion, offer lower premiums compared to coins due to lower manufacturing costs. Gold bars are often provided with a certificate and range in size from 1 gram to 1 kilo for the private investor. All gold bars (new and circulated) offer a purity of 999/1000 or 24 karat. Gold bars are manufactured by private corporations. Two of the biggest on the planet are Heraeus and Degussa both located in Hanau, Germany. CelticGold offers all sizes from different manufacturers. In addition to the classical gold bars we also offer Combibars. A Combibar contains 50 x 1 gram gold in one sheet, to be easily divided. The most popular manufacturers and bars: Heraeus, Umicore, Perth Mint and Valcambi.

Next to gold, silver has a successful history as a monetary metal. Today silver is used as a most important industrial metal in over 1,000 different products. A modern world without silver would not work. What makes silver, as an investment, so interesting is the simple fact that silver gets consumed. Today there is less above ground silver available than in the 1980s.