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At Saratoga Children’s Theatre, community is the heart of our theatre.

By enriching, educating and inspiring our children we capture their artistic qualities.  At SCT, we not only provide a forum for creating theatre, we are building a future audience with a life-long love of the theatre arts.


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What People are Saying

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"Let me start by giving you some background to Julia my 7 year old. At age 3 we would have to leave her crying at preschool because she was so painfully shy. She is our daughter that needs cues to greet and continue conversation with people and the one who wanted to try theatre camp as my heart broke knowing what she would experience during audition day. My fear came true as the first day of camp approached and Julia began having nightmares, long conversations about how she is scared to get up in front of people and breaking down as she practiced songs with us. As I dropped her off the first day I could see the panic in her eyes and as I watched out of site the tears flowed down her 7 year old cheeks. Julia told Mrs. Trimming that she did not Want to Audition and that she will take what ever little part she could. Julia then sat and watched child after child get up to try out, and by the end of the auditions and Mrs. Trimmings gentle encouragement got up on stage and sang a song on her own. When I picked her up she was so proud of herself. During performance time, I could see she was nervous yet excited and did very well as an member of an ensemble. Fast forward a few weeks to her next play. I left Julia with Mrs. Trimmings sobbing and scared. When I arrived back to pick her up after feeling that my baby would be so sad, I was greeted by the biggest smile and told that not only was she an orphan..which she wanted, but she was one of the orphans that had a speaking and some solo lines within songs-part. All I can say after that day was Julia has never been the same. When she performed that first night, it was as if Julia's personality was unlocked. I sat with my parents next to me and we were all sitting, beaming, with tears in our eyes, ok, my mom and I were actually crying. Julia was amazing up there. She had confidence, stage presence and was having fun. Since then, Julia is constantly singing throughout the house and has chosen the theatre camp for the summer of 2014 as her only camp. As a parent you want to take credit for your child's growth and maturity, however I can honestly say this time, it was not me...it was your amazing camp. Thank you!"

Mandy M. May 15, 2015