What’s Happening

Our Mission

At Saratoga Children’s Theatre, community is the heart of our theatre.

By enriching, educating and inspiring our children we capture their artistic qualities.  At SCT, we not only provide a forum for creating theatre, we are building a future audience with a life-long love of the theatre arts.


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What People are Saying

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"As a costume designer for SCT in the summer of 2011, I was so pleased to observe the quality of the summer camps for children. I worked with the youngest ones. As a theatre professional of over 30 years I knew well the magic of theatre, the benefits one takes away, be it an audience member or an artistic staff person or an actor.

But for the most part children all ages, but especially the youngest group,.come in that door on the first day of their experience without a clue of what they are capable of acheiving. They leave taller, prouder, more selfconfident, and with a new selfawarness of their abilities. They have discovered the power of listening, the joy of singing, and dancing. The courage to try something new, the rewards of discipline, the benefits of respect for themselves, their fellow cast members and the artistic staff who are working with them. If one could pick only one continuing educational experience outside of formal school, theatre has to be the most comprehensive and beneficial.

They will take these new skills and awarnesses everywhere they go. To school, at home, with friends, and into the future. The experience is priceless."

Mary M. May 15, 2015