What’s Happening

Our Mission

At Saratoga Children’s Theatre, community is the heart of our theatre.

By enriching, educating and inspiring our children we capture their artistic qualities.  At SCT, we not only provide a forum for creating theatre, we are building a future audience with a life-long love of the theatre arts.


What People are Saying

"My son, Devin Towne experienced "theatre" in elementary school when he auditioned and received a small role in "The Music Man." In Middle School, Devin got a small role in High School Musical. While Devin enjoyed these experiences, I feel that his enthusiasm in the stage would have waned as a young boy in middle school. Devin auditioned for the "Wizard of Oz" with the Saratoga Children's Theatre and received a part in the production. This was the play and company that started the theatre "itch" for Devin. He has participated in many plays, including Charlie Brown, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, Guys and Dolls and many others with the Saratoga Children's Theatre. Devin has gone from a young, shy boy to a confident teenager who loves to be on stage, sing, act and mingle with the play group. He is now in a high school production and is very happy where he is. I can not thank Saratoga Children's Theatre enough for the opportunities they have afforded Devin and the support he has been given to become a confident teen-age boy who loves to sing and act."

Mary Ellen T.