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Our Mission

At Saratoga Children’s Theatre, community is the heart of our theatre.

By enriching, educating and inspiring our children we capture their artistic qualities.  At SCT, we not only provide a forum for creating theatre, we are building a future audience with a life-long love of the theatre arts.


The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Our next MainStage Production is coming up!!

October 23 7pm

October 24 2pm & 7pm

October 25 2pm

Saratoga Music Hall

All tickets will be sold at the door.  Adults $15, 18 yrs. and under $10.

Director: Bob Berenis
Music Director: Danny Pravder
Choreographer: Leigh Berenis

Rated PG-13 Original Broadway Version (2005)

Six awkward spelling champions learn that winning (and losing) isn’t everything.

Six spellers enter; one speller leaves! At least the losers get a juice box.

Student Ambassador Program

Student Ambassadors
Community Outreach

Be A Leader In Your Theater Community!
Ambassadors will receive community service hours, plus an extracurricular leadership credit for their college resumes. This program is an excellent way for young people to engage in arts outreach to help expand and diversify the SCT family.
Be a voice for your peers.
Be a voice for Saratoga Children’s Theatre.

To find out more about the program and how to apply please visit our Programs tab on our menu or email Leigh at sctlberenis@gmail.com!

Fall Classes

Our Fall Classes are now available! Register now while there are still spots available!!

Visit our Classes/Workshops under our Programs tab to get more information.  

What People are Saying

"On the first day of camp last year I brought my shy, clinging and resistant children to your door and immediately their instructor/counselor/teacher ignited and engaged them. The “improvements and growth” in my two sons after attending your summer camp was noticeable immediately. On your website, I noticed that your slogan is enriching, inspiring and educating so I was wondering if you might want to add a few more adjectives to the description related to the camp experience you offer. These additions could be the power in the values of empathy, imaginative engagement, self-improvement, self-reflection and an appreciation of the significance of humor.

My five and six-year-old sons were in several of your camps in the summer of 2014 and were totally immersed in so many areas of development especially the heightening of their self-confidence. Your camp is not just about theater. It appears to be an arena that holistically bring new ideas, passion and excitement to life. We will see you for summer camp 2015! Thank you for your continued commitment to a unique, quality children’s theater program. I am spreading the word."