What’s Happening

Our Mission

At Saratoga Children’s Theatre, community is the heart of our theatre.

By enriching, educating and inspiring our children we capture their artistic qualities.  At SCT, we not only provide a forum for creating theatre, we are building a future audience with a life-long love of the theatre arts.


What People are Saying

"We have been fortunate enough to have Saratoga Children's Theatre be a part of our family since our daughter was in kindergarten. She is now entering 4th grade and we believe whole heartedly that it has helped her become a better student- and a more confident, well rounded young girl. Besides loving to see her on stage we love how it has taught her an appreciation for theatre and the arts- and she has made good friends along the way!
Meg Kelly and her team are building an amazing young theatre community- we look forward to many more years of SCT!!!!" 

Bernadette Sprinkle