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"My daughter has been involved with Saratoga Children's Theater since she was 5. To watch her growth over time has been incredible. She has grown in confidence, in her presence on stage, in the way she works and collaborates with her peers, and in her overall understanding of how performance works. None of this would be possible without the incredibly talented team that works with each individual child to bring out their strengths and to make the entire process fun and engaging. We have done camps, workshops, and full musicals and have loved every moment. Thank you for giving her the gift of theater and confidence all in one. You guys are a gem for us to have in town!"

~Lisa S.

"Working with SCT has provided me with a space to hold onto my passion for theatre, both on and off the stage, with truly wonderful people who share the same energy and love for the arts that I do. Whether I am a fellow cast member or co-worker, SCT has helped me grow as a performer and a person, and for that I am eternally grateful."

~Nicole E.

"The SCT staff helped me grow immensely as a person. They teach valuable lessons about how to be a good performer and a professional both inside and outside the theatre world. As someone who chose not to pursue theatre  in college, I still apply a lot of what I learned at SCT in my day to day”

~Henry S.

"Saratoga Children's Theatre is a great resource where I can pursue my passion for theater and acting in a supportive and fun environment. I am so lucky to have had opportunities to make new friends who share the same love for the arts as I do. Working with SCT has helped me improve my artistic skills, but I have also learned how to be more open-minded and push beyond my comfort zone."

~Abby D.

"We have been fortunate enough to have Saratoga Children's Theatre be a part of our family since our daughter was in kindergarten. She is now entering 4th grade and we believe whole heartedly that it has helped her become a better student - and a more confident, well rounded young girl. Besides loving to see her on stage we love how it has taught her an appreciation for theatre and the arts - and she has made good friends along the way! The team at SCT are building an amazing young theatre community- we look forward to many more years of SCT!!"

~ Bernadette S.

"SCT has helped me grow not only as a performer, but also as a person. Thanks to their endless support, I have had so many opportunities to improve upon myself and help pave a path for my future. Over my 5 years working with SCT, I have noticed major growth in my talent, abilities, knowledge, and maturity. I owe many of my good memories and experiences to SCT and I am so appreciative of everything the company has done for my peers and me"

~Asa D.

"My experiences at SCT helped me grow into the best version of myself that I could be. The incredible staff are there to teach you so much more than just theatre, and I wouldn't be doing what I am today without their help and guidance."

~Greg M.

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